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The Young and the Restless

a cheesy name for some cheesy fangirls

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None of the people in this RPG are real, these aren't their real journals, blahblah, yaddayiddayay, no copyright infringement intended, blabber blee blah.

THE YOUNG AND THE RESTLESS rpg is basically a collection of crazy fangirls, keeping a pretend journal of their favourite Harry Potter actors. This is a private community, but only because Alliy is stupid slightly LiveJournal illiterate. If you are interested in joining, go ahead and send an email off to the address listed (that'd be me, Mary-Caitlyn- a.k.a. Thomas Andrew Felton ^^), and we'll see about getting you all joined up. You will be required to create a separte LJ account on your onesie, but that shouldn't be too difficult of a task.


i bet you're excited now..

1) NONONONONONONNOONONONO GODMODING!!! Please, for the love of... um, GOD. PLEASE. Do not say you were at this place with Character X unless you and Character X made these plans over your LJ's. Then you can post about all the hot gay sex stuff you did.
2) Dont' be shy about using foul language. That's what British people do- they curse. I would know, I've been there. ^_^
3) Your character has to be an actor/ress from the Harry Potter movies. Simple, right?
4) You can make up your mind about how your character acts and whatnot, but try to keep them relatively in character- i.e., Rupert and Tom listen to RAP, not cool stuff Dan's music.
5) This rule is just here because I felt like five rules was better than four.
6) Just kidding! The last rule is to have fun! YAY!